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09-28-20     OISRA Covid-19 Update

08-18-20      Nordic Division Special Meeting Minutes - No Covid-19 Guidelines, but discussion of types of Guidelines to set up later

08-14-20      Race Season Information Bulletin from OISRA President, Mike McManus

Infographics and Articles

Can My Child Go to Ski Team Today Algorithm

Sample activity roster during pandemic

Infographic for 3 W's :  DO IT ALL!!! Wear a Mask, Wash your hands, Watch your distance

Infographic for wearing a mask effectively

8-10-20 Tips for Emotionally Supporting Athletes Right Now

Updated daily  Covid-19 Coronavirus Data Pack Information is Beautiful 

Resources for OISRA Developing Covid 19 Guidelines

Prior to the beginning of high school ski training and racing, OISRA will establish COVID-19 Guidelines.  These guidelines will be aligned with school policies which have been established using information gathered from

Additionally, OISRA Guidelines will be aligned with these resources

Look here in November for OISRA Covid-19 Guidelines


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