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The Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (OISRA) was born in 1961 as a high school alpine ski racing organization with just a few schools scattered throughout Oregon and a handful of alpine ski racers. Today OISRA includes the participation of many of the high school thoughout the state.

OISRA currently organizes many teams and athletes, which are listed on this Teams page.


The Board of Directors is governed by a representative from each active league. In addition the board is joined by a President, Vice President and Commissioner, all elected by the designated Certified Head Coaches from a qualified team. Head Coaches may be designated by a school, a parent group, or a community club to represet a High School.

OISRA is structured with Leagues covering geographical locaitons within the state. Each league has it's own govering authority and conducts League Races thoughout the ski race season.

The leagues will send teams and idiividual representatives, chosen by their season rankings and Head Coaches to the State Championships at the end of the season.

Coaches, parents, and other volunteers provide the workforce for all the OISRA high school sking activities.

The program season is the same as the OSAA winter sports season - starting in early November and racing through early March.

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