Nordic Steering Committee and Business


Steering Committee Voting Members:
Nordic Director: Eric Martin
Assistant Nordic Director: Pete Reinhardt
Nordic Commissioner: Gene Hyde
League Representatives:
Northern League Representative: Kelly Crowther
Southern League Representative: Laurie Martin

Steering Committee Non-Voting Members:
Nordic Secretary: Jinny Martin
Nordic Treasurer:  Brice Murri
Liaison for the Board of Directors:  Eric Martin


06-17-18  Nordic Steering Committee Spring
06-17-18 ACTIONS of Nordic Stering Committee Spring Meeting
02-14-18 Nordic Steering Committee ACTION by email vote
02-13-18 Nordic Steering Committee ACTION by email vote
02-12-18 Nordic Steering Committee ACTION by email vote
11-12-17 Nordic Steering Committee Fall
04/29/17 ACTIONS of Nordic Steering Committee Spring Meeting
04/29/17 Nordic Steering Committee Spring
09/25/16 Nordic Steering Committee Fall
04/23/16 Nordic Steering Committee Spring
04/23/16 ACTIONS of Nordic Steering Committee Spring
10/17/15 Nordic Steering Committee Fall
10/17/15 Nordic Division General Meeting
05/03/15 Nordic Steering Committee Spring
10/18/14 Nordic Steering Committee Fall
05/02/14 Nordic Steering Committee Spring


Q.  What does the Nordic Steering Committee do?
A.   The Nordic Steering Committee oversees all OISRA Nordic activities, predominantly providing guidance and oversight for the state championship event.  The Steering Committee is responsible for fulfilling all Nordic Division fiduciary duties and writing and amending the Nordic Policies and Race Rules.

Q.  How are the members of the Nordic Steering Committee chosen?
A.  Nordic Division Head Coaches choose the voting members of the Steering Committee..
  • ALL Nordic Head Coaches vote for the Steering Committee officers.
  • The Head Coaches for each league choose their respective League Representatives.
Q.  Do the Head Coaches also choose the non-voting members of the Nordic Steering Committee?
A.  No. The non-voting members of the Steering Committee are selected differently
  • The Secretary and Treasurer are chosen by the Steering Committee.
  • The Liaison for the Board of Directors is chosen by the Board of Directors.

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