Nordic Provisional Skiers 2018-19

2018-19 NORDIC PR Names Only
For: Camp: Nordic Provisional Skier
Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association
1/14/2019 10:49 AM
# Season 2018-2019 OISRA certified coach 2nd OISRA certified coach First Name Last Name Gender Grade in 2018-2019
1 Yes Eric Martin Eli Shockey Male Elementary School
2 Yes Eric Martin Elias Miller Male 7th grade
3 Yes Eric Martin Helen Sawyer Female 7th grade
4 Yes Eric Martin Jack Sawyer Male 6th grade
5 Yes Eric Martin Jude Scheumack Male 7th grade
6 Yes Eric Martin Kinsey Olarrea Female 8th grade
7 Yes Eric Martin Leo Bretschneider Male 7th grade
8 Yes Eric Martin Makaila Cummings Female 7th grade
9 Yes Eric Martin Nicholas Fox Male 7th grade
10 Yes Eric Martin Ollie Bunson Male 7th grade
11 Yes Eric Martin Ryan Carey Male 7th grade
12 Yes Eric Martin Zachary Shockey Male 7th grade
13 Yes Joe Dolan Benjamin Balazs Male 9th grade
14 Yes Joe Dolan Sophia (sophie) Corkran Female 9th grade
15 Yes zach webb Chase Sloan Male 8th grade
16 Yes Zach Webb Clare Timmons Female 8th grade
17 Yes Zach Webb Julie Dyer Female 8th grade
18 Yes Zach Webb Paul Meeuwsen Male 8th grade
19 Yes Zach Webb Zackary Saunders Male 8th grade
20 Yes Zack Webb Haakon Hanson Male 8th grade

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