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We are pleased to announce that the Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (OISRA) is inviting OSSA skiers to qualify to compete in the OISRA Alpine State Championships.

This registration process involves 3 steps:
  1. Students register online by January 31st to show their interest in qualifying for this event. (There are no fees for an athletes to register.)
  2. Athletes will need to submit a signed school agreement
  3. Parents must submit a FERPA form
After a Team or an athlete is selected, a separate State Race Registration will need to be completed by deadline which will include State Championship race fees.

Qualifying For the OISRA State Race
OISRA Alpine Division Policy, Section II, B
5.Determining number of State Meet Qualifying Teams.
b. If Temporary Member Schools or at least 3 temporary individuals attending the same OSSA school, register to qualify for the State Race before the published deadline, the total number of registered Temporary Member Schools or 3+ individuals attending the same OSSA school (the equivalent of a “team”) will form a group. For the purposes of State Meet Qualification, this group will qualify under the same consideration as a league.
NOTE: If the OSSA school, represented by three skiers from the same school, did not apply to be a temporary member school, these students would compete as individual guests [Provisional Skiers].
League Size Qualifying Teams
1-2 Teams 1
3-4 Teams 2
5-6 Teams 3
7-8 Teams 4
9+ Teams 5
League Size Qualifying Individuals
1-4 Teams 2 individuals each discipline
5-6 Teams 3 individuals each discipline
7-8 Teams 4 individuals each discipline
9+ Teams 5 individuals each discipline

Are you an OISRA team? Check here

Are you an OSSA team? Check here

Nov. 9, 2017 Statement from OISRA Board of Directors: Why is OISRA inviting non-OISRA skiers to the Alpine State Championship? The OISRA is fulfilling a request made by the Oregon Athletic Directors in 2015 to hold a state championship event where all high school alpine ski athletes have the opportunity to qualify to compete. At this time, the OISRA is inviting all high school skiers to register to qualify to compete in this OISRA event.

OISRA Leagues:
  • Blue Mountain (NE Oregon)
  • Metro (Portland Area and western suburbs)
  • Mt Hood (Portland Area and eastern suburbs, Columbia River Gorge)
  • Southern (SW Oregon)
  • Three Rivers (Portland Area and SW suburbs)

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