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We are pleased to announce that the Alpine Leagues State Ski Championship is inviting OSSA skiers to qualify to compete in the Alpine Leagues State Championship races.

This registration process involves 4 steps:
  1. Students register online by February 7th to show their interest in qualifying for this event. (There is a $5 fee for an athletes to register.)
  2. Athletes/Coaches will need to submit a signed school agreement to OISRA (
  3. Parents must submit a FERPA form to OISRA (
  4. Athletes/Coaches must submit a Certificate of Insurance (Note, your school or school district may provide this for you.)
After an Athlete is selected, a separate State Race Registration will need to be completed by February 24th which will include State Championship race fees.

The OSSA teams and athletes are treated as if they are a league within OISRA for State qualifications. They must meet the same academic and participation levels within their school and the OSSA that an OISRA team or athlete must meet.

The following is the guidlines that the Alpine Leagues use for qualification -

A. Qualification for the State Race:
  1. Official Qualifying Races for the Alpine State Race:
    1. An OISRA race may be an official qualifying race for the Alpine State Race if it is a league race, sanctioned by the majority of teams of that league and attended by the OISRA racers who belong to that specific league.
    2. It shall be scored as a two-run event.
    3. Should circumstances require, a league may hold a one-run qualifying race. Only one, one-run qualifying race can be held on any league race day.
    4. Team and individual points (as specified in Alpine Race Rules E) are assigned at each qualifying race, and these points determine the eligibility of teams and individuals for the Alpine State Meet.
    5. Two or more leagues may have a "combined race" that is a qualifying race for all of the leagues that have a majority of their teams participating in the event. Team scores and individual scores are separated out for each league's cumulative points scoring.
  2. Race Season:
    1. Leagues shall have a race season that consists of at least six (6) official Alpine State Meet qualifying races. Should force majeure conditions require, the Steering Committee can amend.
  3. Eligibility of Individuals for the Alpine State Meet is according to the 50% rule, established by OISRA Policy 14. The racer must start both runs of a league race, unless injury or illness takes them out of their second run
    1. EXCEPTION:  The Guest Category is an exception to the 50% rule.
  4. Team Criteria for the State Meet
    1. To qualify as a team for the State Meet, only the race results of individuals eligible for the State Meet may be used.
    2. A team that has a racer who is ineligible to participate in the State Meet will have their team scores refigured to exclude that individual's scores.
  5. Determining number of State Meet Qualifying Teams:
    1. A league shall send boy's teams and girl’s teams to represent the league in the State Championship Meet as determined by the following scale:
League Size Qualifying Teams
1-2 Teams 1
3-4 Teams 2
5-6 Teams 3
7-8 Teams 4
9+ Teams 5

*League size is determined by the number of full teams (appropriate team size) entered in 50% of the League's races. A school team that has a racer who participates in less than 50% of the League Races will have their team scores re-figured to exclude that individual's scores. For OSSA the number of teams that register to qualify will determine the league size.
  • A school team may consist of any combination of a maximum of twelve (12) of the school's qualified racers, including substitutes, for the two (2) races-Slalom and Giant Slalom in both boys and girls.
  • Each Slalom or GS team shall consist of at least three (3) and not more than five (5) members. Each team may bring a substitute to use in the case of sickness or injury in one of the five (5) racing positions, and may only be substituted for the venue he or she is registered for. Substitutes must meet all entry criteria.
  • If a racer is unable to race in  either run of the race, then a substitution request may be made by the teams head coach or designated assistant coach to the Race Secretary or Start Referee prior to the moment the Start Referee calls for the first racer’ of the run. The substitute will compete in the bib issued them, or a bib supplied by the start referee. This is a team scoring run only not to affect individual score.
  • Unless substituting for a sick or injured racer, substitutes shall not run the course, excepting if at the discretion of the race jury there is sufficient time, and conditions allow, all substitutes will be allowed to ski the course and have their times recorded. These times shall not be used for deciding positions in either individual or team categories.
  • The host league will be allowed to enter an extra school team in each gender.
  • If at least three (3) Guest Skiers of the same gender, attending the same OSSA school, register to qualify for the State Race before the published deadline, that group of 3 (or more) skiers will be considered as the equivalent of a “team” for the purposes of the State Meet Qualification. These “OSSA teams” will qualify for the State Meet under the same consideration as if an OISRA league were comprised of these teams.
6. Determining the number of State Meet Individual Participants in each gender shall be according to league size as follows:
League Size Qualifying Individuals
1-4 Teams 2 individuals each discipline
5-6 Teams 3 individuals each discipline
7-8 Teams 4 individuals each discipline
9+ Teams 5 individuals each discipline

7. The steering committee has the discretion to adjust numbers appropriately.

Participants will be required to have supervision by a Head Coach. If your normal head coach is not planning to attend the SCRC will assign you a Head Coach.

Are you an OISRA team? Check here

Are you an OSSA team? Check here

Nov. 9, 2017 Statement from OISRA Board of Directors: Why are OISRA Alpine member leagues inviting non-OISRA skiers to the Alpine State Championship? The Alpine Legues are fulfilling a request made by the Oregon Athletic Directors in 2015 to hold a state championship event where all high school alpine ski athletes have the opportunity to qualify to compete. At this time, the OISRA Alpine Leagues are inviting all high school skiers to register to qualify to compete in this OISRA event.

OISRA Leagues:
  • Blue Mountain (NE Oregon)
  • Metro (Portland Area and western suburbs)
  • Mt Hood (Portland Area and eastern suburbs, Columbia River Gorge)
  • Southern (SW Oregon)
  • Three Rivers (Portland Area and SW suburbs)

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