OSSA Guest Coaches

2019 ALPINE Guest Coach 
For: Camp: Alpine Guest Coach
# Season 2018-2019 First Name Last Name Gender Are you acting as Head Coach? Background Check Concussion Course? Name of the School where the skiers you coach are enrolled
1 Yes Julie Reinhart Female No Summit High school Yes Summit High school
2 Yes Kirby Kleinsmith Male Yes Summit High School Yes Summit High School
3 Yes Lakeview Lakeview Male Yes Lakeview High School Yes Lakeview High School
4 Yes Lex Zuber Male Yes La Pine School Dis. Yes Summit High School
5 Yes Makai Bradley Male Yes South Eugene HS, Boy Scouts Yes South Eugene/Marist
6 Yes Marc Barnes Male Yes Philomath HS, Yes Philomath High School
7 Yes Patti Zuber Female No Bend La Pine School District Yes Summit High School

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