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Temporary Membership (2016-2017)
(For athletes that are not registered as full season OISRA members)

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STUDENT Registration

COACHES Registration

Temporary members participate in OISRA league events or the OISRA State Championship event as if the high school were an OISRA member for only the specified event.
  1. Temporary membership dues and fees;
    • The temporary membership dues are $1 per season to register a temporary membership school,
    • Individual participation fee for a League event is determined by the League Race Committee, with confirmation from the OISRA Board,
    • Individual participation fee for the Alpine State Championships for an individual affiliated with a Temporary Member School is determined by the Alpine Steering Committee, and confirmed by the OISRA Board,
    • Temporary membership dues for the Temporary Member School and individual participation fees for an individual affiliated with a Temporary Member School must be paid before a student can participate in the an OISRA League event or the OISRA Alpine State Championships.
  2. The following procedures must be followed before any student from a Temporary Member School has permission to participate in an OISRA event;
    • A school official must sign the OISRA Temporary Membership Registration form MT(A), giving the student permission to ski in the name of the school,
    • A school official must sign the OISRA Academic Eligibility Certificate, stating that the student(s) meets the academic eligibility requirements of OISRA Policy 8
    • The coach who is listed as the "designated Head Coach" on the MT(A) form registers online,
    • Each racer must register online as a Temporary Member. All Temporary Member Schools and affiliated coaches and students who have followed these procedures are covered by the OISRA insurance for an OISRA event.

Note: Athletes and teams from Oregon who compete for an OISRA Temporary Membership School are eligible to receive State Championship titles!
Please refer to the OISRA Alpine Policies, Section G. for all rules regarding Temporary Membership.



Full Year Membership (2017-2018)

Note: Clicking on any colored button below will redirect you to another site for registration

STUDENT 2017-2018 Registration

Registration Cost is:

  • $80 for Alpine Only
  • $80 for Freestyle Only
  • $100 for Alpine and Freestyle

You will pay during the online registration process.
Parents will sign Volunteer liability waiver when registering student.
OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all students who register on line - and parents who are volunteers.

COACH 2017-2018  Registration

Registration for Coaches is FREE
You use this Button if:

  • You are an adult who is responsible for coaching students
  • You work under the supervision of another coach when you assist with coaching students  [You are called a "Helper Coach"]

You do not have to complete your coaches' training courses before registering online.
OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all coaches who register on line.

VOLUNTEER 2017-2018 Registration

Registration for Volunteers is FREE
You use this Button if:

  • You are a non-OISRA skier who foreruns courses
  • You are an Administrative Volunteer
  • You are a Volunteer who does not assist with coaching students
  • You are a race worker and you are NOT a parent or a coach

OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all volunteers who register on line.

PROVISIONAL SKIER 2017-2018 Registration

  • Registration Cost is $40
  • A Provisional Skier is a skier who participates in OISRA activities, but is not representing an OISRA member school during a race
  • This category used to be called a "J-1 skier"
  • You are a Provisional Skier if you are an OISRA skier's younger sibling or a coach's younger child--Typically 7th and 8th graders
  • A Provisional Skier must be "assigned" to a registered OISRA Coach
  • A Provisional Skier may participate in any OISRA events - but a school name can not be attached to the skier's results.
  • A Provisional Skier may participate in the Alpine State Championships in the GUEST Category - but is not eligible for the State Championship titles

OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all Provisional Skiers who register on line
The skier in the "Provisional Skier" Category can be affiliated with OISRA for a FULL season - or can be affiliated with OISRA for ONLY the event of the State Championships.

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