OISRA Alpine Division Freestyle Program

The OISRA Freestyle Program is organized within the OISRA Alpine Division.  OISRA will establish a separate Freestyle Division when the Freestyle program has developed to the stage where OISRA Freestyle leagues can host league events.

Currently, OISRA sanctions ONLY ONE  Freestyle competition: the OISRA State Freestyle Championships.  This event is held in conjunction with the OISRA Alpine State Championships, and Freestyle Competitors will represent their schools and get team scores.

All athletes who register on line for the OISRA State Freestyle Championships, and meet the OISRA academic eligibility standards, are eligible to compete.  There are no qualifying events for the OISRA State Freestyle Championship Events.  If the number of registered competitors exceeds the desired number of competitors for any Event, there will be an elimination event held to reduce the number of competitors to the desired number.

Use these REGISTRATION BUTTONS to register EARLY (before January) for the  OISRA State Freestyle Championship Event. 
  • Early registration helps the organizers know how many competitors and events to plan for. 
  • Your early registration fees are refundable if you cannot attend
  • Cost is $10
  • Guest Coach participates ONLY in the State Freestyle Championships
  • Guest Coaches supervise Freestyle Competitors who are assigned to them at the Championship Event
  • All registered Freestyle Guest Coaches are covered by OISRA liability and accident insurance only for the duration of the State FS Championships.  There are no OISRA-sanctioned Freestyle practices or OISRA-sanctioned Freeesyle league events.

Guest Freestyle Competitor (Link to Button coming soon)
  • Cost is $75
  • The ONLY OISRA Freestyle competition an OISRA Guest Freestyle Competitor can enter is the OISRA State Freestyle Championships
  • Guest Competitor will be assigned a coach at the Championship Event
  • Guest Competitor will represent the school where they are enrolled
  • Guest Competitors must meet OISRA academic eligibility standards
  • All registered Freestyle Competitors are covered by OISRA liability and accident insurance only for the duration of the State FS Championships.  There are no OISRA-sanctioned Freestyle practices or OISRA-sanctioned Freestyle league events.

Alpine-FS Competitor  (Link to Button coming soon)
  • Cost is $30
  • Use this button if you are an Alpine full season skier and want to compete in at least one Freestyle Event at the OISRA State Freestyle Championships
  • All Alpine full-season skiers are covered by OISRA liability and accident insurance for ALL OISRA sanctioned events during the OISRA ski season, including the OISRA State FS Championships.

School Agreement Form 

(MANDATORY - The school must submit a School Agreement Form before athletes are allowed to use the school name in the OISRA State Freestyle Championships)
  • This form gives Guest Freestyle Competitors permission to represent their school ONLY for the OISRA sanctioned State Freestyle Championship
  •  If a school also has an alpine team, then the school will sign two different School Agreement Forms: 1)  this form that is specific for only the students who are competing in the OISRA Freestyle State  Campionships, and also 2) the form the school signed for the students who are training and racing on a full season alpine team.
  • This form does NOT give students permission to form a school club or represent their school at a USASA events

FERPA "Parental Consent to Release Educational Records" Form

(MANDATORY - Parents/guardians of Guest Freestyle Competitors must submit this form to the school so their student can be confirmed as academically eligible.)

  • Download  FERPA Parental Consent Form
  • Fill in blanks
  • Sign with "wet ink" (no electronic signatures allowed)
  • Present to your student's school

The Freestyle representative (Mike FitzSimons) is a non-voting member of the OISRA Alpine Steering Committee.

Freestyle Policies and Competition Rules are found in the OISRA Alpine Policies.  A link to the most current OISRA Alpine Policies is found on the sidebar of the Alpine Forms, Rules and Resources page.

Contact for Freestyle Questions:  Mike FitzSimons

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