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This Registration Section is for GUEST Athletes, Coaches, and Teams!

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2019 OISRA State Meet

GUEST RACER request to Qualify for the 2019 State Meet (Registration closed)

Registration to qualify is FREE

  • Athletes register to qualify for the State Race
  • The number of teams and individual qualifying spots are determined by overall registration numbers
  • After an athlete is selected, a separate State Race Registration will need to be completed and race fees paid

Additional information and details are available CLICK HERE

  • Parents will sign a Volunteer liability waiver when registering student.
  • Athletes will need to submit a signed school agreement (see School Agreement section below)
  • Parents must submit a FERPA form (see FERPA section below)

OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all students (and parent) who register on-line .

ROSTER of OSSA Skiers interested in qualifying for the 2019 OISRA State Championship Races

OSSA Schools that have signed OISRA School Agreement Forms

GUEST COACH 2018-2019 Registration

Registration cost for Guest Coaches is $10.00

OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all coaches who register on line.

ROSTER of Guest Coaches for 2019 OISRA State Championship Races

VOLUNTEER 2018-2019 Registration

Registration for Volunteers is FREE

You use this Button if:‚Äč
  • You are a race worker and you are NOT a parent or a coach
  • You are a race worker that did not sign up as a volunteer during your athletes registration process

OISRA liability and accident insurance covers all volunteers who register on line.

To Participate in the State Championships a Head Coach must submit a School Agreement form:

  • A School Agreement Form is a pdf downloadable form that must be signed by a school administrator and head coach.
  • Submitting this form clarifies the conditions under which a school name may be used by a team.
  • Only teams that have a signed agreement form with a school are eligible for individual and team awards at the state championship event.   

Choose the School Agreement option that matches your school’s involvement:

Agreement #5:Permission for Guest to Use School Name
The Team may use the school name.

Agreement #6: Restricted Use of School Name
Team may not use the school name.


FERPA Consent Form

Parents/guardians of ALL students participating in OISRA events must submit a Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form to the school so that the school can release academic eligibilty information to OISRA. OISRA needs to confirm academic eligibility for each athlete before participation at the State Championships is granted.

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